Asevi Oxy Stain remover gel 1.1ltr

Code OSR001
Spanish cleaning product Oxy stain remover
Code OSR001
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  • Short Description

    Unleash the power of Asevi Oxy Gel, the ultimate stain remover! Its active oxygen formula tackles all stains on white and colored clothes, even in cold water and short cycles. Gentle and bleach-free, it enhances whites and protects colors while eliminating odors. With a large 1100ml capacity, it's perfect for home or commercial use. Upgrade your laundry routine with Asevi Oxy Gel for brilliantly clean and fresh-smelling clothes!

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  • Full Description

    Unleash the Power of Asevi Oxy Gel - The Ultimate Stain Remover!

    Asevi Oxy Gel is a high-efficiency stain remover with active oxygen that tackles all types of stains on white and coloured clothing. Effective in cold water and short cycles, it delivers outstanding results every time.

    Our bleach-free formula is gentle on fabrics and safe on colours, offering a deep and effective clean without damage. Thanks to a synergistic blend of oxygenated whiteners and surfactants, Asevi Oxy Gel ensures your whites are more radiant and your colours are more vivid.

    Not only does it remove stains, but it also eliminates bad odours, leaving your clothes fresh and clean. With a generous 1100ml capacity, Asevi Oxy Gel is an economical and durable option, perfect for both home and commercial use.

    Transform your laundry routine with Asevi Oxy Gel and enjoy brilliantly clean, fresh-smelling clothes every time!

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