Bakewell Tart Snap Bar

Code BTSB001
4 for £10

Buy any 4 snap bars and pay only £10

Handmade 100% Soy wax melt. 5 segments infused with Bakewell tart fragrance oil.
Code BTSB001
4 for £10

Buy any 4 snap bars and pay only £10

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  • Short Description

    Introducing our Bakewell Tart Soy Wax Melt Bar! This vegan-friendly bar features 5 highly scented segments, delivering an amazing scent throw. Indulge in the mouth-watering aroma of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry puree, topped with fondant icing on a vanilla almond cake base. Handmade and customizable, each bar is a unique masterpiece. Transform your space with the irresistible fragrance of Bakewell Tart today!

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  • Full Description

    Introducing our Irresistible Bakewell Tart Soy Wax Melt Bar!

    Get ready for a scent sensation with our Soy Wax Melt Bar, meticulously crafted into 5 highly scented segments. Vegan-friendly and boasting an amazing scent throw, this bar is a must-have for any fragrance enthusiast.

    Indulge your senses in the mouth watering aroma of bakewell tart, featuring juicy cherry, raspberry, and strawberry puree, all sealed with fondant icing atop a scrumptious vanilla almond cake base. It's a sensory delight that's truly mouth wateringly good!

    Handmade with love, each wax melt bar is a unique masterpiece, so colours may vary. If you desire a specific colour to match your mood or décor, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

    Remember, Magical Knights is not affiliated with any designer fragrance company. Experience the magic of our Bakewell Tart Soy Wax Melt Bar and transform your space into a fragrant paradise today!

  • More Info...

    How to use: Break off one or two segments and place into your oil burner.  Place a lit tea light in the oil burner and wait for the amazing aroma to fill the room.


    Warning: May produce an allergic reaction.  Safety data sheet available on request.

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