Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Wax Melts

What is a Wax Melt? 
Wax Melts are like candles, without the wick! They are scented pieces of wax that can be melted in a tea light warmer or electric burner. The bulb or tealight melts our Wax Melt Bars and releases a strong, long-lasting aroma. 

How do I use a Wax Melt? 
Our Wax Melt bars are easy to snap, so you can snap off your desired amount and place in your warmer / burner. The heat will melt the wax and the scent will fill your space. We recommend using 2-4 squares. (if using an electric burner, only use two, less is more in this case!) Tea light burners tend to give off a stronger scent than electric warmers, but many people cannot tell the difference using our Wax Melt bars. 

Why are some scents stronger than others?
We use fragrance oils from various suppliers, some are stronger than others. Some scents are made to be subtle scents and some are made to be stronger. We have found that some customers think scents are strong, whilst another customer says it isn't as strong for them. We all smell scents differently in the same way some people like certain scents and others don't. 
Science and studies suggest that subtle genetic variations in individual olfactory receptors explain why people perceive smells differently. 
The strength of a scent will also depend on how big the room is your melting your Wax Melt in and what you're using to melt your wax in.

How do I remove the wax from my burner? 
There are many ways wax can be removed but our preferred way is to always let your wax cool down before attempting to remove it. When it is completely cold, heat it for no more than 10/15 seconds and push one edge slightly and it will pop out. Please dispose of the wax safely and in accordance with your local guidelines. 
Wipe away and residue with paper towel, if you clean your burner with water, ensure the burner is completely dry before using it again.

When you say ‘scent throw’, what do you mean? 
Scent throw describes how strong the scent is and how far the scent will travel around the space you have. Our Wax Melts will fill the room you are in, but a lot of our scents can also fill your whole home! Some of our Wax Melts are more subtle than others, but they will always, at least, fill the room your melting them in. 

Do Wax Melts Evaporate like a candle? 

No, as the wax isn’t being burnt with a flame. The scent is released when the wax is warmed. When you can no longer smell your chosen scent, it’s time to change your wax. 

How do I store my Wax Melts? 
Wax Melts should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. 

Do Wax Melts spit, bubble or catch fire? 
No, they should not do this. 
Wax Melts should not catch fire as they should not be exposed to a naked flame. 
If your Wax Melt is spitting or bubbling this is a sign water or moisture has contaminated the wax – if this does happen; 
Blow out your tealight or turn off your burner. 
Remove all the wax from the dish and thoroughly clean your burner ensuring there is no residue and leave to dry. 

How long do Wax Melts last? 
If they are stored correctly, they will last 12+ months. They are likely to last much longer than this. (Some of our CM customers still use melts from a few years ago and they are just the same!)

Do I need to use certain tea lights? 
Standard unscented 4 hour tea lights should be used in a tea light burner. 4 hour tea lights are safer than others. Scented tea lights can burn too hot and should not be used with tea light burners. 

Important safety information 
Do not eat. 
Only use Wax Melt burners approved for Wax. 
Never leave Wax Melts unattended. 
Ensure the dish / burner is not over filled with wax. 
Only use tealights with a burn time of 4 hours. 
Store Wax Melts in a cool, dark place. 
Place the burner on a solid, flat and stable surface that is heatproof. 
Avoid draughts or vents and keep away from items that may catch fire. 
Do not pour wax down drains. 
Only move your burner / remove the Wax Melt when it has cooled. 
Never add fragrances / essential oils or water to the wax or burner.