We are Louise and Heather - a mother and daughter team - based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. We started selling wax melts back in 2017 in our own little shop within Macclesfield, unfortunately we had to close the shop just as it was starting to make profit due to personal health reasons. During Covid we started toying with the idea to start again so we started to get a plan together to make this dream a reality. After another few years of planning we have decided to start again! We are obsessed with wax melts and having a home that smells amazing. And that’s what these melts do. They smell amazing! Highly scented wax that lasts. We have a scent for everyone.
Aromas evoke memories of wonderful experiences like holidays or your favourite aunties kitchen, baking cookies etc. Our aim is to bring those memories flooding back to give you a real lift. All of our highly scented home fragrance products are handmade with love in Macclesfield from 100% soy wax and we take great care to ensure that our products have a long-lasting fragrance. We are fully insured and CLP compliant. Whilst some of our products smell like some popular perfumes and fragrances we are not affiliated or associated in any way with the companies. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and to (wherever possible) use biodegradable or recyclable products. All our fragrances form a minimum 10% of the wax melts which gives a great level of scent throw for your enjoyment. Because every item is handmade and unique, no two products are exactly the same and you may from time to time see white patches on your melts and bars. This is called 'frosting' and is totally natural and does not affect the beauty of the fragrance. When it comes to wax melts, we have many favourites some of which are Sherbert Lemon, Passionfruit Martini, Very Berry and Monkey Farts. We are working to expand our business in early 2024 with other home fragrance products too x

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